Drop Hammer - Sun Fox

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The Drop Hammer is a light and easy carving board making it a great option for anyone looking to carve down a mellow hill, get rad on their way to class, or just get out for an afternoon rip with their friends. The deck features drop-through mounting, a symmetrical shape, and large wheel cut-outs, creating the perfect platform for a low stable center of gravity and the ability to run larger wheels. The result is a board that is ideal for pushing long distances and commuting while being able to carve hills with grace and confidence. The subtle and effective concave and medium flex makes the Drop Hammer a perfect board for an introduction into freeriding and carving on bigger hills. 

New for 2023 is the Sun Fox graphic, a striking design courtesy of artist Matt Kehler. The fox sits atop a 36.5” long and 10” wide symmetrical deck with drop-through mounted Gen 6 180mm 50 degree Bear trucks for maximum turning and super deep carves. These trucks paired with 69mm 78a Nice Hawgs wheels are the perfect match for roll speed, comfort, grip and enough slip to get you into sliding if that’s your goal. The board has a nice soft flex which makes it really playful and provides a smooth ride. Overall, this is a great board for almost any situation.