CUEI Hydrotech Longboard Bushings 19.25mm

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Sold as a pair of 2 bushings

98a(transparent), 95a(orange), 92a(yellow), 89a(green), 86a(red), 83a(purple) and 80a(white

The Cuei Hydrotech Bushings were developed to bring something that can't be found on the market which is a stable material that has a superior "deep lean" that allows you to ride as much as possible on a tuck position. The result is a special bushing that brings complete freedom of lines in the carve and high control of the board, being very agile and at the same time having a steady center to bring that confidence. Many people who had the opportunity to test these bushings said that, when they went back to their old bushings, they noticed the lack of full control of their skateboard.

They are produced with a SELECT MIX of 3 rebound levels for 7 durometers: more rebound for softer material and less for higher duros. They come in two different sizes, standard 15.5mm, and tall 19.25mm, and seven different durometers, 98a(transparent), 95a(orange), 92a(yellow), 89a(green), 86a(red), 83a(purple) and 80a(white). All of this along with a new inner size for very precise fit, which makes the feel fluid and locked while turning.

Last but not least, of course we decided to make full barrels with our bushings. Barrels have continuous tension all the way through its compression/expansion amplitude, maintaining their lean for tuck corners and stability all the way. Full barrels are easy to adjust and they rest on full contact on the hangers and baseplates for much better absorption of imperfections on the pavement. Welcome to this new era!!