World Skate Games 2022

Introducing the New Zealand Downhill Skateboard Team for the World Skate Games 2022

Our top skaters are heading over to Argentina for the World Skate Games sanctioned by the Internal Olympic Committee. Every country will be sending their top six male and female athletes to compete at this world championship event, and we are no exception! Our team is facing some significant costs to get over there, and unfortunately there isn't official funding available.

They need your help. As Downhill Skateboarding has no funding from sporting NZ you can support our athletes and skate scene via their Givealittle page

Meet the team:

- Josh Evans, 27 - Brisbane @happy_lil_jev

- Elliot Melling, 29 - Auckland @getpossumed

- Zain Solanki, 23 - Auckland @armani_amc

- Elissa Mah, 32 - Christchurch @_hazecat

- Stephen Davis, 25 - Auckland @stephen_davis24

- Callum Mathieson, 34 - Christchurch @calllum_banks

- Matty Boortman, 36 - Auckland @lostoutwest

This team will be coached by Api Ihaia. If you've been around the NZ skate scene you'll know knowledge and skill Api posses. He is one of the pioneering figures for this sport in NZ not to mention one of the first to race under the NZ flag. From top athlete to now coach, the NZ team is in the best hands possible.

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