RipTide Sports came into being as we could not find the feel we were looking for in our boards when it came time to hit the streets and hills of Santa Barbara!  Ten years later and we are even more committed to developing new accessories such as bearing lubrication, wheels & more bushing formulas, durometers and shapes that will improve the feel and performance of any skateboard or longboard. 
We are a skater-owned microbrewery-style company that produces hand-crafted urethane compounds in small batches right here in California, and we commit to all of our products being made in the U.S.A.  Our products are 100% inspected at every level of the process, packaged with a sticker, use information and washers/hardware as appropriate. 
Everyone here skates and we deeply respect where a piece of wood and 4 wheels can take us!
We believe in Longboarding as a healthy lifestyle - more than just a weekend sport. As such, our focus is on safety and providing products that will help the industry to grow.


Longboarding makes Pavement Bearable™