Cuei Griptape 40x11 inch sheet

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The new Cuei Griptape was designed to surpass anything you can imagine when it comes to skateboarding grip tape, using a completely innovative material with a strength far greater than the commonly used PVC of traditional grip tapes on the market.

The Cuei Grip was made to be quick and easy to apply, with an incredibly powerful glue and absurd grip on your shoes, you can rest easy after gluing it as it will not come off your board, giving you complete safety on your runs, with or without footbrake soles.
At a size of 40x11in and with precisely calculated grains in 24 grit, this grip tape can be considered one of the first high-performance grip tapes for Downhill.

We worked to improve every detail, with very high durability and total flexibility, completely improving the experience when it comes to grip tape and being locked in your board, try it and prove it was made for you.

Designed and tested by Thiago Gomes Lessa
2X World Champion.