Bear Gen 6 - 180mm 40 degree Trucks

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The Gen 6 Grizzly 40 Degree Longboard Trucks are setup on a lower angle baseplate than the standard Grizzlies. This reduced angle, and 93a bushings, lowers agility in favour of stability, making them more suited for experienced skaters who are typically riding at high-speeds, when a higher angle truck may be too agile/divey. In saying that, they are also ideal for beginners who are after a more stable ride than what a 50º truck can provide - but beware because they won't give you that carvey/surfy feeling at low speeds!


  • 180mm Hanger Width
  • Positive Rake
  • 40° Baseplates
  • Hollow Kingpin
  • 8-Hole Bolt Pattern
  • 93a Barrel / Cone Bushings