Mini Zombie Hawgs 70mm

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Available in 4 durometers to suit any riding style or terrain; the Mini Zombie features a stone-ground finish and an offset core, resulting in a smooth slide and predictable hook-up. One of our team's favourite for fast freeriding, especially hills with both standup and glove-down slides.

70mm Mini Zombie Hawgs are a highly refined performance freeride wheel that was developed with our team to be confidence inspiring and highly controllable in any situation. The beveled lips and stoneground contact patch mean they feel perfect from the first slide to the last, while the large core and offset layout work to give you super smooth releases and hookups every time. Mini Zombies measure 70mm tall by 38mm wide and come in a variety of urethane duometers to let you dial in your ride to your needs. Take your freeriding to the next level on a set of Mini Zombie Hawgs.