Venom Tall Barrel Money Bag (10 bushings)

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Original Venom Money bag

This is the current mini money bag. Has ten bushings - five pairs. 

What you get:
2x - 85A HPF Barrel (Yellow)
2x - 87A HPF Barrel (Purple)
2x - 90A HPF Barrel (Red)
2x - 93A HPF Barrel (Green)
2x - 95A HPF Barrel (Glow in the Dark)

All wrapped up in a venom hesh bag for easy carry!

Why Tall Barrel bushings?

Upgrade your Rogue, Ronin, Bear Kodiak, Bennett and other precision trucks with a bushing made to perform. Made taller for super control of your longboard trucks. The double barrels offer supreme stability and control at high speeds. Made in the US by experienced riders using a unique urethane enabling a higher rebound to help you get back on your line!!