Venom HPF Street Bushings

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Want to bring your street trucks up to Venom performance, the Venom HPF Bushing Street Packs is the only Venom bushing pack to contain 4 bushings and are designed to fit in conventional street trucks like Indys or Trackers

Venom Bushings are proudly made in the USA by experienced skaters using High Performance Formula urethane (HPF) that enables a higher rebound to help you get back on your line! 

Instead of choosing between soft, medium and hard, Venom Street bushings are available in 8 durometers between 78a and 97a

Come in a handy reusable tube with a stickers!

Two bushings per pack.

  • 78a – Blue
  • 81a – Orange
  • 85a – Yellow
  • 87a – Purple
  • 90a – Red
  • 93a – Green
  • 95a - Glow in the Dark
  • 97a – Pink