Venom HPF Insert Bushings for Rogue Trucks

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Designed to fit into the hanger of Rogue trucks, Venom Insert Bushings are poured in the Venom High-Performance Formula and available in 85A, 87A, 90A, 93A, 95A and 97A. Comes with 2 insert bushings, enough for one skateboard. 

Venom Insert Bushings for Rogue Trucks remove lateral play from the truck and are designed to ensure the hangar pivots around the kingpin correctly, without slop. They allow for the truck to respond to less rider input, giving you a more direct turn than a conventional reverse kingpin truck. Using urethane as our insert gives your trucks and turn more responsive feel without the harsh ride or twitchy feel you may experience with sphericals. 

The softer duros will give you more of a grey area when sliding, which is great for freeride and powerslides. 
The harder duros will give you a more definitive line between grip and slip, which is great for racing and technical downhill.

Made In USA

HPF Formula:
85a - Yellow
87a – Purple
90a – Red
93a – Green
95a – Glow in the Dark
97a – Pink