Venom Hard In The Paint Magnum 78mm/80A

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Does size matter?? Venom believes so and it is the reason for the 78mm Mach 1 Cannibals, big and soft = real fast!

Seriously, these wheels just sh*t 'thane. Expect to leave the road covered in white 'thane lines after your session while experiencing slide-control like never before. Our team couldn't be happier with how much fun these wheels are in everyday riding. Grab a set, we Promise Monsterous Skids with the new Hard In The Paint wheel lineup.

The Hard in the Paint series wheels are stone-ground for smooth slides right out of the box.

Cobra Core Features:
-Fiberglass Reinforced 
-12x Stiffer 
-39mm Tall 43mm Wide 
-No Flex Zone (Patent Pending) 
-Many Swags

Diameter: 78 mm
Width: 70 mm
Durometer: 80a
Core: Offset