Venom Hard In The Paint Cannibal 72mm 80a Longboard Wheels

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These are the new 72mm 80a Venom Hard in the Paint Series wheels. Their design was inspired from the 71mm Harlot and 72mm Cannibal shapes but they added the driftiest urethane (Hit in the Paint Thane) resulting in some of the most fun Venom Wheels today.

The Venom 72mm Hard in the Paint Cannibal wheels is a fast freeride oriented wheel with decent grip to make it through corners while being able to throw long and controllable slides, or even pre-drift before a turn. This longboard wheel is great for any type of surface.

Our team riders love these wheels specially the amount of Thane they leave on the streets.

Diameter: 72mm
Width: 60mm
Duro: 80a
Cobra Core
Alignment: Slightly offset

Cobra Core Features:
Fiberglass Reinforced
12x Stiffer
39mm Tall 43mm Wide
No Flex Zone (Patent Pending)
Many Swags


Seriously, these wheels just sh*t ‘thane. Expect to leave the road covered in white ‘thane lines after your session while experiencing slide-control like never before. Our team couldn’t be happier with how much fun these wheels are in everyday riding. Grab a set, we Promise Monstrous Skids with the new Hard In The Paint wheel lineup.