Madrid Snitch Harry Clarke Quill 32" Longboard Deck

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This deck was designed by the first ever Australian world Champion Harry Clarke for downhill and fast freeride.

Throughout the year, Harry Clarke has been stopping by the Madrid wood shop to tweak and refine a new signature board shape, the Snitch.  Now you can ride what Harry rides with two flossy gold graphic options to choose from. The front-foot ‘Money Pocket’ keeps you locked-in and drives steering from the front of the board by creating a unique drop-wedge pocket. The Formica/Maple construction keeps the board ridged at high speeds with deep wheel-wells providing plenty of clearance.

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“Did you know I’m the World Champion?” – Harry Clarke 2019


Length: 32″
Width: 9.5″
Wheelbase:21.5- 23.25”
Flex Level:Stiff
Plys:9 Ply
Construction:Canadian Maple


Concave Style: Tub, W
Concave Depth: Medium
Construction: Formica/Maple
Flex Level: Stiff