Powell Peralta

Powell Peralta: 72mm Kevin Reimer Longboard Skateboard Wheels

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The 72mm Kevin Reimer wheel from Powell-Peralta is an all-around DH performer. In 75a, and poured in SSF PRO, this wheel has substantially more traction than our other freeride wheels. This is a downhill race wheel with the skin on, and then can serve you as a fast freeride wheel afterwards - Truly the best of both worlds. This is the new version that comes with the black H5 fibre infused core, and a new "inset" lip that will let the wheel grip more, and wear better. We know you'll love them. 

While making our first run of 80a Kevin Reimer 72mm SSF, we found out this batch came in at 77a. Rather than scrap them, we decided to release them as a single batch with no plans to make them again in the future. Enjoy them while they last! 

This 77a 72mm SSF will be firmer than the purple or green that you know and love in 75a, but softer than the 80a to come. It will be right in the middle and offer a little more edge grip and durability over the purples with less braking power than green or red.

  • Brilliant Surface - More grip when new
  • Sharp edges offer extra flex for grip while carving, or sliding
  • SSF PRO - 30% more grip than SSF
  • Smooth sliding, but grip oriented shape for carving or racing
  • Suitable for freeride when broken in
  • 2mm inset with new H5 core, still flippable for even wear