Drop Cat 33 - Dune

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The Drop Cat features the incredible Dune graphic for 2023 and is a tapered, directional, drop-through longboard with medium flex. The 33" version is ideal for smaller riders or people looking for a more agile addition to their quiver, while the medium flex is a perfect middle ground providing enough dampening for rough pavement while still being stiff enough to support stability and support for sliding. The flares on the corners of the deck keep you locked in and comfortable while riding. An aggressive rocker concave brings you closer to the ground and changes the angle of the trucks, resulting in a highly responsive longboard. The lowered platform makes this board ideal for pushing and long commutes.

This compact, directional drop-through longboard is made with 7 plies of high-quality Canadian maple, and comes in at 33″ long by 9.6″ wide. We set the Drop Cat 33 up with 180mm Gen 6 50 degree reverse kingpin Bear trucks ideal for deep carves and confident cruising, as well as some big 72mm 78a Plow King wheels for a smooth, fast and super grippy ride. Dig deep into your carves and enjoy every minute of your skate with the Drop Cat.