Cuei Racetech Longboard Bushings

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The Cuei Racetech Bushings were designed to push the boundaries when it comes to performance. Made from an innovative material with a lot of rebound, they were created to handle the extreme, providing unparalleled stability and a unique sense of control and confidence.
They can be used for both performance and freeride, available in only two duro options: 95a and 98a.


In the 95a duro, they work exceptionally well with RKP trucks (such as Cast, etc.), and they will be the kind of bushings that are loose when just fitted, becoming firm when tightened. This maintains a very good flow. On the other hand, in the 98a duro, they will slightly restrict turns and bring an extremely firm feel to your skateboard. This is why they are highly recommended for the back baseplate of the skateboard, which usually uses a lower angle of 15-40 degrees in many cases.

We strongly recommend trying a combination of Racetech Bushings along with Hydrotech ones. This way, you can balance the skateboard very well, adding more firmness to the rear and more control to the front of your skateboard.

Normal barrel size: 15.5mm
Tall barrel size: 19.25mm
95a - Orange
98a - Violet