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Powell Peralta Byron Essert White/Black Wheels

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The new Byron Essert Pro SSF wheel from Powell-Peralta is here. This wheel is a freeride based wheel with a centre-set core that allows you to flip it for even wheel wear, and with large radiused edges for smooth slides. This new 75a Soft Slide Formula PRO, which has more traction than the standard 75a SSF which is found in Snakes will have you gripping through corners you didn't think you could, but giving you that smooth slide when you want it. Byron is an all around downhill and freeride skater and wanted a wheel that could both grip massive canyon corners, and slash and slide through the grippiest back roads in your neighborhood. One of the best wheels in the game!

Made with the special Powell Core Hub to make this soft compound urethane spin faster while rolling or slide without loosing speed, they will maintain their shapes for longer time which also makes them more durable than any other soft freeride wheel.  Built from the inside for a reason.

A super soft compound wheel that will be the smoothest wheel to ride on any terrain, controllable and grippy. A perfect combo for cruising, carving and for downhill speed demons looking for the best formula for speed sessions. This Soft Slide Formula even though is super soft has a buttery slide feeling and with this narrow profile it won't be hard to throw them sideways at a bit of speed and have a fun session, making them perfect for sliding and fast freeride.