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Bam Bam Leather Gloves "Solid"

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The new glove is way different to all others.

Next generation slide gloves.


Our new solid slide gloves come with the following features:

  • Simple and solid design

  • Super comfy leather fabric hybrid

  • New longlasting micro pucks at the fingertips

  • New knuckle protection

  • Upper finger protection (Tigerclaws ;)

  • Several leather reinforcements


We have put all our experience from the past few years into this glove. We combined materials and we found new materials with outstanding properties. The development took us over 2 years and went trough about 10 prototype stages. We are happy to offer you a new glove that sets new standards.
The material consists of semicircular micropucks arranged in a honeycomb pattern. You have the advantages of a finger puck,but you don't loose any mobility.
Check out the pictures.

Your options:

  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

  • Comes without slide pucks