Switch 35 - Tiger

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There is nothing like the feeling of a stable board under your feet - it’s pretty amazing how much fun you can have when your gear is up to the task. We’ve always said that the Switch is a board that teaches you the basics but also allows you to progress your skating. It’s a staple for anyone looking to test the waters of freeriding, but it won't hold you back either.


The Landyachtz Switch was designed with freeriding in mind. Its stiff 9-ply maple construction with symmetrical ends make directional changes effortless. The Switch has deep concave, and foot pockets together with a 1.75" top mount dropped platform provide reference points for your feet while keep you perfectly locked in place. All of this together and you get a board with a lower center of gravity offering you the best of technical slides at really high speeds. The Switch can be used for just about any discipline in skateboarding. It dominates in crazy stand-up speed checks and huge drifts around corners, but it's also ideal for the skater looking to do some long distance pushing or daily commuting as well. It's really close to the ground, making it easy for pushing while taking most of the stress of your lower back and knees. This board comes set up with 180mm Gen 6 Grizzly trucks and 70mm 78a Hawgs Supremes wheels.