Longboardmodel Minipsy 77A 70mm (Homeboy)

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Mini Psy Homeboy Formula 77a THE freeride wheel. Poured in the notoriously slippery homeboy formula and supported by a large core this offering is a very smooth sliding, fast rolling and consistent wheel. The combination of the large core and soft 77a urethane makes for a very floaty slide that handles well over all pavements. As the wheel wears it becomes more buttery, smearing thane down to the core. This is a wheel that you can ride with ease, perfect for months of stand-up riding abuse.

Duro: 77A
Formula: Homeboy
Dimensions: 70*45mm
Offset: No
Wheel Surface: Not Stoneground
Edges: Round
Freeride 5/5
Downhill 2/5
Hybrid 5/5