Bennett Vector (1 Truck)

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Bennett Vector Trucks - 4.3, 5.0 and 6.0 sizes

Continuing the 1970's legacy, the folks at Bennett have brought their iconic brand back to the market with the updated Vector ™ truck line. Sand-cast in the USA and built with the tall style cushions, Bennett trucks will turn on a dime and make surfing streets and carving banks a blast. An excellent choice for a turny ride -- a favourite for Slalom and LDP setups.

Specs: Silver finish in three stock sizes - hanger dimensions:

4.3 = 109mm (overall width 7" axle nut to axle nut)
5.0 = 127mm (overall width 7 5/8" axle nut to axle nut)
6.0 = 152mm (overall width 8 5/8" axle nut to axle nut)