WRG2019 - Stephen Davis

Stephen Davis
Hometown: Auckland
Age: 22
Stance: Regular
Instagram: Stephen_davis24
Rides for: Hillside Gear, Lost Out West, DTLC, Wahkoowa, Crunchie Longboarding, Troy Pucks
Stephen has been a familiar face in NZ’s downhill skating scene for the past 6 years, and in that time has managed to leave his mark on roads across the globe, from our West Islan...ahem, Australia, to as far away as the Czech Republic! He’s made name for himself as everyone’s favourite skate dad - or so he thinks - due to his somewhat unique ability to book things on time and get shit done. Thanks skate dad Phteve!
When he does come back home to Gnartearoa, land of the long wide board, he’s usually found hosting beginner friendly events ranging from car park races and slide jams, to even a good old fashioned outlaw or two. Stephen really enjoys getting the downhill community together and having a blast skating (besides, he needs more people to bump draft).
Fun fact: Has rolled down racetracks in over 8 different countries, soon to be 10! That’s a very colourful passport.

Kaikoura Longboard Festival 2019 – 7th place
Newtons Nation 2019 – 47th place
Tame the Taipan 2019 – 30th place
Kaikoura Longboard Festival 2018 - 4th place
Newtons Nation 2018 – 30th place
International Downhill Federation World Tour 2017 – 40th place


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