WRG2019 - Callum Mathieson

Callum Mathieson

Hometown: Christchurch

Age: 30

Stance: Regular

Instagram: What is this?

Rides for: BANKS and The Boardroom

Callum, the oldest and most distinguished member of the NZ downhill skate team, has been racing skateboards since 2011, the glory days of the IGSA. His love for going fast on a board has taken him to races in almost every continent (and over 20 countries - something for Phteve to aspire to), including North America, South America, Europe and Australia. Callum reckons that he’s just a washed up old man these days, but we know he can still haul ass down a hill and show the young guns a thing or two. For this reason, he’s been dragged out of his early retirement - when he does make it to IDF events, Callum usually qualifies in the top 16 (provided his dodgy shoulder stays in place). Callum is also a long time member of the BANKS Longboarding family from Christchurch, notorious for their ability to tear down even the roughest and jankiest of roads at eye-watering speeds… watch out Barcelona!

When he is not skating, Callum can often be found on the interwebs - he is part of the team behind The Boardroom, a small online skate shop, and is also a professional when it comes to working with wireless/network equipment.

Fun fact: Callum has a wingspan rivalling even the mightiest of albatrosses!


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