WRG2019 - Josh Evans

Josh Evans

Hometown: Auckland, now residing in Brisbane Australia

Age: 23

Stance: Regular

Instagram: @happy_lil_jev

Rides for: Cuei Wheels, Alsen Trucks, Descent Longboards, Venom Skate, Seismic Skate, Bearing Lean

It didn't take long for Josh’s life to start going downhill fast - and not as a result of him and his family crossing the ditch to live in Australia, the promised land. Josh was just a wee whippersnapper of 13 years of age when he serendipitously stumbled across the concept of combining skateboards with hills, as featured in a news article. He gave it a go, immediately fell in love with the feeling, and has been pushing himself and boundaries of the sport ever since.

Fresh off his 2018 results of fourth in the world rankings and first in the Asia Pacific region, Josh has been working hard during his off season to make it to the top of the ladder. His spare time is mostly taken up with training in the gym, cooking, posting videos of his cooking on Instagram thus making all his friends salivate, and obviously, sending it as hard as possible.

Fun fact: Josh thinks he's an Australian, but we love him anyway.


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