WRG2019 - James Robertson

James Robertson (J-ROBBS)
Hometown: Orewa Auckland NZ
Age: 21
Stance: Goofy
Instagram: @james_jayrobertson
Rides for: LongboardModel

Once upon a time, a young boy named James was growing tired of walking up and down the impossibly steep struggle street every day to school. “There must be a way to take my board down this hill, surely!” bemoaned young James, as he stumbled down the street for the umpteenth time. All of a sudden, the clouds parted and Steezus Christ appeared appeared in a flash of lightning! He bestowed upon young James the Gift of Getting Sideways - and thus, armed with his newfound knowledge of speed control, James became J-Robbs, shredder of steep streets.

Six years on, J-Robbs isn’t just flying down streets but also through the air. He has taken off to study Aviation in Melbourne while living out in the Dandenong Ranges, surrounded by some of the best hills in Australia. For the past 3 years he has been exposed to Australia's downhill skate scene and "pipeline" of hills crafting him into the talented skater he is today.

Soaring high on the back of his recent successes at NZ and Australian races, James is enthusiastic about going to Barcelona to represent NZ at the 2019 WRG.

2019 Race Results;

6th Kaikoura longboard festival
1st Melbourne Local Paknatz race
28th World Cup Newton’s
13th World Qualifier Tame the Taipan


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