WRG2019 - Fabian Krebs

Fabian William Krebs.
Hometown: Auckland
Age: 22
Stance: Goofy
Instagram: @fabian_wk
Rides for: Quinboards, Paris Truck Co., NumberOne Luzern, Riptide Sports

Fabian grew up in the far away land of bureaucracy and beer, aka Germany, but is a Kiwi at heart. He started longboarding down hills in 2012 after coming to terms with the fact that he still couldn’t kickflip despite skating for 10 years.
While living in Hamburg, Fabian has hosted longboard workshops with the local longboard club, helped organise many slide jams and worked at the skateshop after school. During his visits back to motherland Gnartearoa, you will mostly find him tearing up the streets of Auckland with Larry the Professional Lurker, Skate Dad Phteven, the one and only Crunchie Crunch, and many more crazy JAFAs.

Fabian currently lives and studies in Liechtenstein, where he has some of the finest roads the Alps can offer at his disposal. He also enjoys hiking along the many trails in Liechtenstein and Switzerland, and likes to spend summer evenings at the lake with his friends from Uni.


Youtube Channel Krebsmensch Media
Instagram @fabian_wk
Facebook facebook.com/fabi.krebs

Contest Results.

Waldshuter Longboard Freeride, Germany: 4th Place Open.

Atomic Race, Switzerland: 1st Place Open.

Staufen Downhill, Germany: 5th Place Juniors.
iBerg Freerace German Championship, Germany: 4th Place Juniors.
Fairytale Freerice, Germany: 19th Place Open.


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