WRG2019 - Elissa Mah

Elissa Mah.
Hometown: Christchurch
Age: 28
Stance: Goofy
Instagram/FB: @_hazecat
Rides for: Landyachtz Longboards, Hawgs Wheels, The Boardroom

Elissa has been rolling around on four wheels ever since she discovered it was the perfect solution for her inability to coordinate two left feet, about nine years or so ago. She has spent the past five years travelling to race all over the Asia Pacific region, learning how to go even faster down hills and earning herself five back-to-back titles as the Asia Pacific Region’s Women’s Downhill Skateboarding champion. This year however, she’s finally venturing out into the big wide world - helloooo Europe! Elissa also enjoys helping other girls to discover that skating isn't just for the boys - she has organised several ladies skate events and is an occasional instructor at Cheapskates Skate Skool Events.

When she’s not throwing herself down hills (thus stressing out her non-skater friends, family, and colleagues), you’ll find her in the sunshine falling off her dancing board, stretching out on her yoga mat, cooking/eating up a storm, and patting all the cats!

Fun Fact: Knows where the best/closest toilets and portaloos are on all the local hills.


Race Results.

Kaikoura Longboard Festival, NZ 1st Womens
IDF Newtons Nation (Mt Panorama), Australia 3rd Womens
IDF Tame the Taipan, Australia 3rd Womens
IDF Seaside, Philippines 3rd Womens
IDF Moonrock, Philippines 3rd Womens
IDF Asia Pacific Region Womens Division Champion 1st Womens

Kaikoura Longboard Festival, NZ: 4th Place.
Newtons, Bathurst Australia: 30th Place.
IDF, World Tour: 40

Kaikoura Longboard Festival, NZ: 13th Place.
Bowlzilla Wellington, New Zealand: 4th Place.

Mangawhai Bowl Jam, New Zealand: 1st Place.
Vans Pro Skate Park Series Qualifiers Melbourne, Australia: 27th Place.
Bowl-a-Rama Bondi Pro Division Finals, Australia: 32nd Place.

Other Event Involvement.

Kaikoura Longboard Festival, NZ: 7th Place.


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