WRG2019 - Dan Waterhouse

Dan Waterhouse

Hometown: Nelson

Age: 21

Stance: Regular

Instagram: @mostskuxxboy

Ladies and Gentlemen, the one and only Lavabatch is back and coming at you for the 2019 World Roller Games! After not racing competitively for the last three years to focus on university, Dan is itching to see how far he can take it on the world stage. Don’t let his youthful good looks fool you, because Dan has been skateboarding in some shape or form for over 10 years, giving him a whole arsenal of tricks and experience to call on. Picking up downhill in 2010, Dan has seen trends come and go, but he is here to stay. His passion for skating has taken him all over New Zealand, from the bottom of Maui’s canoe to the tail of his fish, and as far across the ocean as the United States of America. This year Dan sent it to Australia, where he raced all the way up to 7th place in the consolation finals of one of the gnarliest tracks on the IDF World Tour. You may not have met him before, but Dan is the dark horse to keep an eye on.


Fun Fact: Would probably have won the prize for the filthiest skullet ever back in 2013.



Race Results:


IDF Tame the Taipan  - 7th Opens


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